Amendment 64 – End marijuana prohibition in Colorado

Amendment 64 is a 2012 ballot initiative that would end the prohibition of marijuana in Colorado and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated similarly to alcohol —
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State Rep. Diane Russell is introducing legislation to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol in Maine, and appeared on MPBN to discuss her bill. MPP, and our Maine Political Director, David Boyer — — have worked closely with Russell on this legislation. Russell deftly addresses questions and misinformation from a local sheriff, and presents a clear argument in favor of a regulated market for marijuana sales, which would put drug dealers out of business and restrict access to those over 21.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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50 Responses

  1. julie mackary says:


    we supply to dispensaries and other individual patients who are 18 years and above .Our delivery is in no time .
    Contact us via email; OR text (781) 342-4096.

  2. popacap21 says:

    lol money go to schools… right.. like public education is worth funding now..

  3. ThePharmakia says:

    I live in Colorado and this is my local news. All I have to say about amendment 64 passing is……….it’s great! I’m smoking right now! Paranoia has dissolved into bliss! Thanks for posting this.

  4. Jim Cash. says:

    Wow, 6 plants per house hold, or person. But it’s about time to legalize it. WTH. liquor kills thousands……….Mary will just calm and make some study and work smarter. But people need to NOT ABUSE it..! Treat it with respect dont become a wastoid ! Lets hurry up with the rest of these states.

  5. brayangrif says:

    Chi si fa le canne non si vergogna più di niente, fa del male agli altri e non gli importa niente

  6. kottonklown says:

    2 OUNCES!

  7. rtnell54 says:

    yes maryjane helps people so watch the garden its growing from the almlghty.

  8. rtnell54 says:

    mj is from our land it does not need to be process so we the people has the choice.not the fed.wake up people.i was down on the farm with a corn cob pipe smoking and toking and rolling in the hay frying and burning my brain away so when ever you can drop on by we will smoke coulpe and get little hi.

  9. Greenlife711 says:

    Cannabis oil CURES cancer and virtually any health problem. watch “Run From The Cure” and search ” GRANNY STORMS LIST” on google for a huge list of scientific facts. The reason it is so illegal is because it will put the whole pharmaceutical industry out of business and expose the genocide that they have caused over all this time by prescribing poison to people for PROFIT. Also, HEMP is illegal because it would put out many other industries such as oil companies and tree killers. LEGALIZE *copy*

  10. em4rtzz says:

    Prohibition?! A child’s idea of morality.

  11. PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    thanks for more proving my point even more.

  12. 2223jason says:

    hey smart guy cigarrets are a drug, aspirin is a drug, medicine for the common cold… a drug. because something is a drug that doesn’t make it bad for you. Like the rest of life, there are good drugs and there are bad drugs.

  13. 2223jason says:

    so even if you were right, which your not, marijuana is not on that list. So your entire argument this whole time is completely forfeit. TROLL

  14. 2223jason says:

    theres no correlation to smoking weed and getting a brain hemorrage. Didn’t you go to school? Haven’t you learned about the scientific method? Just because things happen around the same time that does not prove a correlation. OMFG your argument is so silly I can’t believe I’m actually taking the time to answer you. Shoot me.

  15. 2223jason says:

    are you kidding me? your a moron. A complete and total MORON. Weed had absolutely nothing to do with your brain hemorrhage. Do you have proof linking weed as the direct cause of your brain hemorrhage? It was most likely the cause of a problem building up over time.

    You seriously think that your the one person in over ten thousand years of marijuana use to be harmed by it? It has never harmed anyone, EVER. I bet you dont believe in evolution either. Without proof your words mean nothing.

  16. PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    “illiterate fuck” must be talking to a hillbilly that fucks his cousins.well whatever man, I wont judge you but you hit strike 3 . especially since you thought of that word.So have fun with your cousins. If your confused look up lliterate…if you are confused

  17. Nick Richarme says:

    ever heard of g-13 you stupid illiterate fuck? it’s pathetic how much people “trust” this government.

  18. wyattkatsos says:

    More better business? Check your grammar, Bitch.

  19. PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    also the govt isnt going to be growing it.Im not sure where ur getting your where your getting your information from.Cause you have like literally no idea what your talking about…..

  20. PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    its considered a drug even alcohol is.I know what you mean by its not a drug as in like meth but nonetheless its still a drug

  21. Nick Richarme says:

    also, marijuana is NOT a drug. it’s a medicine, natural medicine, that has limitless possibilities.

  22. Nick Richarme says:

    you think bc the government is growing it that the marijuana is going to be 100% safe? dude your dealer is 1000x less sketchy and more efficient than our government. money says they will have chemicals pumped into it just like tobacco. marijuana is a natural substance and needs to remain that way.

  23. bencooper123456 says:

    Why can’t the fucking WORLD open their fucking eyes and make pot legal EVERYWHERE. Weed is fucking AMAZING!

  24. Michael Miller says:


  25. Michael Miller says:

    I swear sometimes I wonder if these people have a brain in their heads. They still think prohibition might work someday. They are very obtuse. They are morons.





  28. MrFireinthehole420 says:

    Why don’t everyone out here that smokes just start planting the shit everywhere? It’s a weed it will grow. If all of us did this what could they do? Fuck them OVERGROW the GOVERNMENT!

  29. Matt G says:

    Believe me, bugs eat them when they are very small, seedlings, just a few days old. I have not found the culprit yet.

  30. Mr420ways says:

    bugs dont eat it …deer do. it is simple try it

  31. Matt G says:

    The only relation of the gateway theory was the fact that it is illegal. If you had one illegal substance, you more than likely had another. At least that was the way it was when I was young. My “dealer” had MJ but also had cocaine which I would never had tried if MJ was legal. Cocaine is very addictive and I had to change my whole life to quit, that was more than 20 years ago. With marijuana, I could just take it or leave it, never became addicted because I don’t believe it is addictive.

  32. julie mackary says:

    am a boss on my own man i dont give a damn
    on peoples opinion .
    i just wanna sale my shit

  33. Matt G says:

    Mr. Police is pissed because they won’t be able to use the drug dog for illegal searches anymore. Matter of fact, Border patrol as well.

  34. Matt G says:

    Your paranoid. If growing were that easy, your backyard would already be a pot forest.

  35. Matt G says:

    Do us all a favor and please remove your posts.

  36. Matt G says:

    And within a week after sprouting, a little bug will come and eat your plant. Everyone wishes it was that easy.

  37. Matt G says:

    It is not legal yet. Why would you post something like this? It is people like you that fuck progress up.

  38. Matt G says:

    Dr Maier said “certain vulnerable kids” would use heavy amounts of marijuana. It would be safer than heavy use of alcohol or any other substance. Bottom line is these kids will find something to use to escape their realities. What he will probably do is prescribe very strong anti-psychotic “legal” drugs which we are finding out now as having terrible long term affects. It is all about the money.

  39. Matt G says:

    Use will probably go down after the initial legalization. History shows things spike when becoming legal and then settle after a short period of time.

  40. CReedProductions says:

    great job!

  41. thatnerd92 says:

    is the stereotypical psychiatrist in the damn turtleneck really going to tell us about the ‘psychotic disorders.’ Really? like indeed psychiatric disorders can be triggered by anything not just come on.

  42. wazup123ism says:

    stoners, please stop using such disgusting usage of words. no one wants to listen to your point of view when you are using profanity. i say shit and fuck and damn and bitch and i also smoke weed but i realize people who dissagree with you are only going to disagree more when you talk that way. and you people putting down pot smokers, mind your own buisness. thats all i got to say bout that.

  43. cannabisopensource says:

    @ Sheriff Liberty. Same old rhetoric of an old narrow mind. Who has a bottle in his office and a stack of empties behind his house.

  44. cannabisopensource says:

    MONEY…. Everything, I mean everything is about money!

  45. cannabisopensource says:

    7 minutes in the sheriff. Umm go to the supermarket and see the TWO isles of Beer and THREE isles of Wine. Which BTW all can be made at home. The Sheriff is worried about not being able to rob victims in the name of a Raid! All while murdering your dog doing it.
    Dumb cop who did 6 months at a community college, Now everyone thinks a guy who went to an academy brings any intelligence to the table.

  46. cannabisopensource says:

    With legalization Universities will be allowed to study it more for it’s medical benefits as well

  47. cannabisopensource says:

    What the retarded Dr is missing. Is that this is for regulation, meaning that it will be sold like alcohol. Furthermore it gets rid of the drug dealers. Do you want to wait 2 hours in a car, in a parking lot to get some weed, or go to Krogres and pick up a zip? Right… get the picture? I think the Dr is concerned that his business will suffer as his main source of income is being a drug dealer of Zoloft. Paxil, Ambien, etc. Addictive LOL! HA HA. Pot is not addictive! Anit D’s are.

  48. Merc399 says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL ahhhhhhhh…. genius.

  49. GraveDiggerIII says:

    I don’t like Sheriff Liberty, but I’m afraid to insult him because he probably reports directly to Captain America.

  50. hitfan01 says:

    This is a huge step forward ive been waiting for America to take. The government making something illegal only makes the people laugh at their futile efforts to control the people and that is why i love America.By the way weed is much easier to get than alcohol for a kid, i remember getting it all the time sometimes right in the middle of my high school classes.