How To Find Your Place In The Medical Marijuana Industry

How To Find Your Place In The Medical Marijuana Industry

This is a VId discussing on how you as a person might want to try your hand at this wildness. I feel I should lay out one point of view on how you can find your place where you can thrive and…

“My brother is a weed scientist. Every weekday morning, he drives to work in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, throws on a lab coat with “Northwest Botanical Analysis” stitched over the…

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50 Responses

  1. bcano12bc says:

    Real talk nattie

  2. courtney harris says:

    Im going to California with no more than $2,500 and im looking to find a
    real connection on moon rocks to bring back home with me please help me

  3. mark ward says:

    looking to buy

  4. Lloyd Lewis says:

    Ohh shit I aint heard Haystack in some years. Im trying to get into the
    industry right now out here in Colorado. Wish me luck nigga!

  5. MrOgggie says:

    It was cool watching your video, I felt like you and I were in a
    conversation. I wish more people used videotaping like this.

    I’m from the east coast and am deeply interested in cannabis as a whole.
    It’s medical properties, cultivation, opening of the mind, etc. Is it
    possible for me to move to Colorado and get into the cannabis industry? I
    would love to help people mainly, but I would also like to receive enough
    funds to sustain myself as a human being. Is this possible? I believe I
    want to pursue the industry due to the love I have for the plant. It’s
    benefits seem to still be unraveling. Could I really go out there and start
    all this up? I would like to be sitting where you are.

  6. Tim Marseglia says:

    I know this is an old video but I just wanted ti say thanks man. Got a lot
    of info and motivation to follow my dream and get into the mmj industry.

  7. deven funderburk says:

    thanks for the real deal

  8. CUSHTV420 DMV says:

    Real talk good shit bro

  9. ShortBrownBeats says:

    Words from the wise. Thanks for the advice

  10. s2MaGiK says:

    Perks for giving me possibly one of the most real and informative sources
    of info for getting started. Theres those people whos word you can take
    because you can see the truth behind and you are one of them. Thanks man.

  11. kevin nicholas says:

    hey Nattie i got your message but cannot reply because you have contact
    block on or something like that youtube says please add me as a contact so
    i can reply thanks .

  12. jknocal says:

    Move out west and become a patient . Fo real

  13. Nattie G says:

    just get at me when you get out this way and we will go do a lunch =D

  14. Cj Christian says:

    Dude, i plan on becomeing a grower and the info your giving sounds like its
    comming from the heart and im loving what your saying in this vid.

  15. Nattie G says:

    no problem pimp get at me if u need anythig =D

  16. Nattie G says:

    thank u

  17. john smith ohy says:

    just found ur channel and been watching a few vids. just wanted to say
    thanks for giving us some game. there’s a lot of us living in non medical
    states deciding how we are gonna move forward… and hearing from yall who
    are really doing it legit helps more than u know. one love bro. pce

  18. brandon campos says:

    FL is nothing. i hate it here. im tryin to get the hell out here into a
    marijuana friendly state so can live my dream. i do want to help people,
    the people who do not enjoy the act of smoking so i really have my hopes on
    eventually opening an extract company. loved this video like loved it. and
    if u have more info on how to make it out there please get back at me.

  19. Nattie G says:

    I love that comment

  20. kevin nicholas says:

    Hey Nattie G my names Levi and i just wanted to thank you for all your
    videos and effort in the industry id really like to talk to you about the
    industry im very interested in it and would really appreciate your input
    thank you please respond .

  21. Nattie G says:

    sure how may i be of service

  22. ThesePlantsRule says:

    I love What I do, it happens to be illegal where I am. Its true, I gave
    away half my crop to people who needed it worse then myself last season. I
    relize now, I just love growing, im no dealer. Cool vid gobig

  23. LOU1982 says:

    Nice video! Thank you 4 the advice.

  24. Nattie G says:

    Naw Im good pimp thats why I’m way under my plant count and what not. Plus
    Im here for the patients and some of the feds are patients also

  25. socalhippie hashman says:

    where can i get a glass like the man?.

  26. Alain Bradette says:

    Indica strains make you more awake and alert, as to the sativa strains are
    more of a weed that makes you more calm and relaxed. the reporter looks
    like she smoked a bowl of sativa before the show… hehehe Fox is dumb

  27. Jake Long says:

    the stronger the marijuana the less you need to get medicated, that mean
    you save more money, who dont wanna safe money?

  28. Luis Hirschlieb says:

    Four kinds of this plant actually exist – Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and

  29. Jake Long says:

    the hell just smoke less. 

  30. Joe S. says:

    This idea is fucking laughable. I’ve worked in the MMj industry for a long
    time now, and I’m a grower. I’ve won harvest festivals in years past, and
    am still growing the same strains because they are some of the best around.
    Personally, raw weed isn’t really even potent enough for me anymore. Take
    the very best weed at any dispensary, in any state, and there’s only a 5%
    chance I’ll even be interested in it, and then it would only be because I
    am interested about certain genetics. I have taken to making my own hash
    oil concentrates, and I eat and vape these almost exclusively. Sometimes at
    night I’ll add a hit or two of standard MMJ, just for the variety and
    complexity that mixing strains can give you, but there is no such thing as
    weed that is “strong enough” for me, never mind “too strong,” lol.

    – Plus, as others have noted, you don’t have to buy the “best” medicine
    when you go to a co-op. I used to manage one, and we would have strains
    testing from upwards of 23% all the way down to low THC/high CBD strains
    that only test at 5% THC but have between 5%-10% CBD. Plus, there’s usually
    bargain stuff, which is likely less than 10% THC, with very low CBD. It’s
    practically what my parents were smoking in the 60’s. People should
    freaking get a med card and go into a dispensary and, I dunno, try some of
    the medicine, before they start talking about it for all to hear..

  31. Christopher Speer says:

    I swear I wanna slap the shit outta that dickhead dude. Fucking closed
    minded pricks. Go kill yourselfs

  32. daniel st jean says:

    if your inhaling the crude combustion of plant material, why would you want
    less potent marijuana? If there is less THC per gram, in theory you’d have
    to smoke more to achieve the similar effect of the high grade material.Why
    not just smoke less of the good stuff to achieve the desired result? The
    only thing different between the two is just non psychoactive plant
    material.So ask yourself this, do i want to inhale all these extra
    carcinogens? probably not. 

  33. Bobby Engel says:

    Weed gets stronger, smoke less of it.

    It’s as simple as that.

  34. Christopher Speer says:

    These fucking dumbass non weed smokers. Fuck you guys 

  35. Gideon Waxfarb says:

    Tonight, I was so high that I was lying there with a bad case of dry mouth,
    with a glass of water about 2 feet away from me, and going ‘Man, that is
    just too far to reach.’ :P

  36. Julian john says:

    i don’t trust the government! their cannabis could be sprayed with
    anything, GROW YOUR OWN or have a trusted friend to supply you with it. the
    gov do not care about your health.

  37. Winterdragon17 says:

    Lets legalize cannabis! WOOOOO! And right after that, lets criminalize
    guns! Wait how does that make sense?

  38. Bobby Mcdonald says:

    They sound like they want to smoke some loud!!!

  39. NHMntnHIGH says:

    dumb question

  40. Joe Schmo says:

    The less you smoke the less you get high hello, just like drinking beer or
    liquor or wine the less you drink the less you feel it, common sense
    people, even if you have high grade weed just take one puff rather than 4
    or 6 or 9 or or or, use your brain, if you take 8 shots of liquor u are
    gonna get wasted as if you take 2 shots, for some, u get a nice buzz etc
    again common sense, it doesn’t matter how strong it is it’s how much you
    smoke or vapor or eat or oil, hello?

  41. Don Hinds says:

    Lol pot being too strong.

  42. David Hansen says:

    is it just me…or is that chick in green hot as fuck

  43. Adam Carter says:

    What a bunch of spackers.

  44. bearanov says:

    Stronger weed is still non toxic. The argument that weed might be to strong
    is moot.

  45. Reggie Ramirez says:
  46. David Colburn says:

    This video is very misguided.

    Medical marijuana is as strong as it should be. If you want to smoke weed
    as if its a glass of wine in compassion to smoking something similar jack
    daniels then smoke less of it! Instead of smoking 4 bowls smoke 2! its that
    Medical marijuana is occasionally tested but thats normally to prove that
    it is high in THC or high in CBD. Generally its all the same.
    It is not hard to find indicas, sativas, and hybrids in any dispensary.

  47. saxnova says:

    I am so in love with Ana. She is just lovely.

  48. steve washington says:

    LOL I can walk into any clinic and buy cheaper less potent medicine. These
    people have no idea WTF they talking about. Medical marijuana over
    addictive prescription painkillers.

  49. kj simpson says:

    thai weed from the sixties could give anybody paranoia…ask any expert
    that, shit is crazy potent.

  50. kj simpson says:

    cheesequake eeedddiiiiooootttttssssss