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33 Responses

  1. Bryan Allen says:

    Jesse your sounding like a broken record. First, on the running for
    president thing. Either shit or get off the pot. That seems to be all you
    DO do, is not shit, cos your still on the pot whining about “Well if I
    run….” As for the TSA yes it is repulsive what there doing, but your
    past credentials are a moot point, at the airports in a post 9/11 world.
    Why should you get special treatment at airports for? There’s been many a
    military men, that have to go through the same thing at airports, but you
    don’t here them whining about it. Even the pilots who fly the planes, still
    have to go through the screen’ers. And there’s even been videos of the TSA
    “patting down” small children. And if I can be so bold as to borrow one of
    your lines, how can those children pose a flight risk? Ya might as well
    face it Jess, its a sign of the times, like it or not. Whining & bitching
    about it, is not gonna change things. Now does this mean I believe 9/11
    happened the way we were told it did? No. Of course not. Does that mean
    I’m in favor of what the TSA is doing at airports. OH HELL NO! Anyone who
    gropes me, had better have a couple of C notes. But either shit or get off
    the pot with this running for president thing, cos its getting old.

  2. Zuffenhausen Bill says:

    i hardly ever watch the view, but when I do the blonde just gets dumber and

  3. RunDCM says:

    For the record I believe in profiling. The 80 year old woman with perfume
    will not hijack the plane. The young black male with the hoodie and beats
    by drew will not embezzle any funds, he will take your cell phone though.

  4. Bill Johnson says:

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck has drank the koolade.

  5. pandarama67 says:

    the view haha. a bunch of dizzy women who can put a few words together that
    fail to tell the truth. Jessie is a true bad ass. these girls play for the
    wrong team and do a lousy job. so transparent i can’t believe these chicks
    especially woopie goldberg are the best they can do. she is a brainless
    cunt who never has a good point. she’s a joke

  6. greendraggun says:

    These bitches… they know nothing of reality, not even if it smacked these
    overfed bitches in the ass. stupid bitches..

  7. Darreyl DeCarlo says:

    “It’s not reasonable to believe Jesse Ventura is a threat”- Wow, isn’t that
    kind a full of yourself statement. Just because you have a title or a
    certain reputation does not mean you shouldn’t have to go thru what
    everyone else does to fly. Reputable people or people who don’t seem to be
    a threat can do bad things or become a threat.

  8. wbradss says:

    Whoopee pile if ……

  9. RonyMexico says:

    @TheDogDew fuck you

  10. consi says:

    @nadien0415 i think the same

  11. RonyMexico says:

    @Beckonor fuck you

  12. PostPetroleumPrepper says:

    Im sexist now

  13. RonyMexico says:

    @chriscr123 i’d lick her clit, though

  14. Kera Pederson says:

    Good man. I agree. I will vote but for him!

  15. Joxxer36 says:

    He should have Beaned her with that book!

  16. ngaumatau says:

    The Blonde is a fucking idiot

  17. vannah2721 says:

    somebody tell that stupid blond bitch to shut the f^*k up!!!!!

  18. RonyMexico says:

    @NervesOfSteel1986 fuck you

  19. RabitWun says:

    You can tell elizabeth was daddys little spoiled girl and has never been
    able to grow out of it any face reality.

  20. alexjonesviewer says:

    Jessi ventura 2012

  21. Alex Adney says:

    Because Tim Hasselbeck is married to her.

  22. GSalvadoreno17 says:

    She probably gives a mean BJ lol

  23. THEREALITSME says:

    blonde bitch is fuken dumb, she gets on my nerves thinkin shes smarter nd
    smirks like shes the shit

  24. TheConservatveLibral says:

    There Most ABSOLUTELY is an Executive Order for COMPLETE MARTIAL LAW in
    this country… “The Body” isn’t lying…

  25. RonyMexico says:

    @LocalScumBag123 fuck you

  26. Juan Camilo Cruz says:

    Es triste como este capo reduce el poscolonialismo al avance de las
    culturas premodernas.

  27. mac llama says:

    where are they? 

  28. Tek Murphy says:

    When was this recorded?

  29. Borut Peterlin says:

    Hey, I’ve done this portrait! No worries, proud on it and him 😉 on my
    blog there are few more of them.

  30. mario martinez says:

    Thanks for uploading this, but when did this conference happened?

  31. momatik says:

    2009 June 19

  32. Tay Lor says:

    thats life

  33. Franz Sdoutz says:

    Slavoj Zizek “Environment, Identity and Multiculturalism” [Full Lecture]