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  1. droid4D says:

    It makes all since why Marijuana is illegal because Govt. doesn’t want population to grow they want to kill us off! Why can’t beer and cigarettes be illegal doesnt make since since Alcohol kills so many people

  2. soldier9599 says:

    Unfortunately, all plants produce similar amounts of carcinogens when burned. I would never tell you to believe the government’s lies, but this is well established from dozens of scientific studies unrelated to government. Take it from a scientist who is just as skeptical of the government as you are, I know how to read this things and it’s pretty solid proof. To suggest “anti-cancer agents” offset the carcinogens is pretty insane. You need to already have cancer for THC to have any benefit.

  3. JLjesuslovesyou says:

    Nope…sorry dude…well established fact from a goverment who cant patent the plant! Carcinogens cause cancer….which there are some, but other anti-cancer agents offset it….However…lol after many many years you could develop some breathing issues, but other things will probly get you first…..Michael phelps! ha ha

  4. jesusmuscle says:

    Ok for all of you think marijuana its self can cure cancer your mistaken. As a hibitual user of marijuana i know the healthy benefits of them cause well i can feel them when i smoke and do not smoke. Marijuna lowers PH levels, Ph levels are the acidity of your blood. No Acidity in your blood the closer you are to homeostasis, the closer you are to NEVER getting sick. If you can balance it correctly you can PREVENT Cancer, not cure it when its in your body. Hemp oil can cure cancer not marijuana.

  5. emericaordie15 says:

    if i ever get cancer. im going to my stoner friends house first.

  6. TheWeirdLifeOfMe says:

    This person is right, any herb you smoke creates tar in the lungs.

  7. Raul Ramirez says:

    Stay faded brothers n sisters

  8. smoothaIIoy says:

    lung cancer comes from carcinogens. weed has seven times the amount of carcinogens as cigarettes. That’s why vaporizers were invented banana brain. lol

  9. SuperHappyFucker says:

    Tobacco is pushed into society to control the population..

  10. SuperHappyFucker says:

    lung cancer comes from cigarettes!

  11. SuperHappyFucker says:

    yep!, it’s whats in tobacco cigarettes, Lol!, and Nice picture..

  12. smoothaIIoy says:

    Do you know what CARCINOGENS are? lol

  13. SuperHappyFucker says:

    Marijuana prohibition was what fucked everything up!

  14. SuperHappyFucker says:


  15. SuperHappyFucker says:

    Tobacco kills people and gives Cancer!, Weed does NOT!, and Weed Will Heal the body and will cure Cancer…

  16. SuperHappyFucker says:

    yes it Cures Cancer, by killing cancer cells! and it helps medicate multiple thing’s like depression,anxiety, asthma, and many others!, marijuana has been proven to save lives, and It needs to be Legalized..

  17. djfiljo says:

    Smoking weed (only weed, with no tobacco) will damage your lungs probably 10 times less than tobacco smoking. Smoking cant cure cancer because THC lvl is too low for that. But it can help you with other things like pain, noisia, insomnia…
    If you make oil from marijuana ( that oil has 80-90% of THC) than a monthly use or maybe more will kill the cancer.

  18. hippypower69 says:

    Would after school be fine Mr Socket,—you missed the point
    get a joint,,/

  19. WeCannabis says:

    nice one

  20. smoothaIIoy says:

    And i’ll meet you outside anytime you want, fuck head.

  21. hippypower69 says:

    Very interesting insight from medical professionals, i’m on the fence weather or not
    it helps or harms. Its ok for the government to allow people to become addicted to
    alcohol and tobacco which we know kills people, i tried both and my body and mind rejects both of them but Marijuana seems to be excepted without any bad instantaneous side effects to the body and mind that i have experienced so spark up and live on,,/

  22. hippypower69 says:

    Yeah (smoothalloy) calling someone retarded is not cool man don’t use the
    R word ok. You wish you looked like the man in your thumbnail but you
    probably resemble a DUMB DICK SOCKET more so, did you think of that on
    your own or did you get help with that shit that flows from your mind unchecked.

  23. gman garrett says:

    its call canabinods and harverd proved it too man

  24. TheSnotflakes says:

    nah.. theres nothing in weed that will cure cancer. it helps people with cancer to feel so much better, tho.

  25. gman garrett says:

    wtf is wrong with you guys? too many negitive votes

  26. ClubbyClubman says:

    Back then you could outrun the cops.

  27. DreamTheory1994 says:


  28. XxChronic420x says:

    smoking them out!! now thats biging cocky lmao you go man

  29. 3hpbiggsy says:

    That’s what I thought

  30. ComandrCoconut says:

    Look like an NSX and a vette

  31. ifuckinghatethisplac says:

    @Paul jenson If a helicopter has you on it’s sights you won’t outrun it on the high way they just have to go higher and can you see you for miles

  32. Paul Jensen says:

    200 on highway

  33. Paul Jensen says:

    haha come to canada, u go over 150km/h they go back to normal speeds but place cars to watch u every few blocks. hit the highway and then out run the helicopters (if u got high performance)

  34. buttertoast117 says:

    that’s what I was thinking to

  35. yunclejoeZ says:

    It is a corvette. The 2 flags are the symbol for a corvette

  36. gc20112015 says:

    dam it like need 4 speed

  37. dustin K says:

    2:15 smoke screen activated!

  38. Racemotives says:

    Its either a Honda NSX or an Acura NSX, no way to tell without seeing more of the car

  39. kevtarzan says:

    The one dislike was the cop

  40. Colin Hardy says:

    Its a Honda NSX this is that guy who does theme films Getaway in Stokholm

  41. C.P. Peterson says:

    lol Priceless

  42. james daniels says:

    lol, i used to drive a 1997 supra all set up from the shop i worked at, i don’t know how much horse it had, but it was tt, and it had direct port stage 3 clutch or whatever….all the goods, i can’t tell you how many times this happened to me

  43. speedfreak127 says:

    Acura/ Honda NSX

  44. Michael Ryan Peck says:

    Ronpaul2024, I’ve been sayin that for years

  45. jeffreythetyrant says:

    i think @ronpaul2024 has a point. kill em all. as metallica said.

  46. RonPaul2024 says:

    Fuck the police? I think not!!!

    I’m sorry but “fuck the police” does not solve anything… What we need to do is start KILLING THEM. And I mean all of them. I have 2 friends that are cops. They can die too. They ALL need to die. No more cops. We need to start a cop killer website, glorifying the killing of cops and honoring those true American heros brave enough to kill them… I think everyone should go on a cop killing spree before they die.

  47. veritas7libertas says:

    the unidentified car is an Acura/Honda NSX

  48. AMAN38920 says:

    2 words explain this yes and wow lol

  49. Bas315 says:

    Those volvos are costed more than 60 000$ when made from the fabric on handling and extra equipment. they are heavy but got really good handling.

  50. ar15man1984 says:

    Fuck the cops they get out run every day they just dont show it to you