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25 Responses

  1. beatsbySHADY says:

    I could listen to them for hours 

  2. The Joker says:

    This proofs marijuana can’t kill you, they been smoking for a really long
    time and there still here

  3. Ray Lee says:

    Worst weed I ever smoked was Mexican brick weed fulla seeds and stems it
    gives you a ten minute high and it taste like shit

  4. Missikech Kechqua says:

    Three Weedy Wise Men 

  5. 75lexluther says:

    a smoker party brings people together

  6. Rico Don says:

    Tommy Chong discovered the Jackson 5 … wonder if he was high

  7. Rock ,blues Jazz,ect. says:

    A Dog in the House.Then a420 bone!

  8. Tom McConnell says:

    Snoop Lion & Cheech and Chong Speak on Their Best…:

  9. Sharif Sourour says:

    That’s funny I’ve done the newspaper thing with my buddy too back in the
    day… the weed wasn’t dirt though thankfully.

  10. wherearetheynowguy says:

    I wish Redman and Method were in the studio with them to sing “How High”
    song to Cheech and Chong.

  11. MystMuffin says:

    Alcohol is Alcohol = bad. Drugs is Drugs = bad And Weed is Weed, and its
    not a drug, its not bad for you. there is just some people that just can´t
    accept weed n makes it look bad when its not 🙂 Its harmless n you can´t
    die if you smoke. No one have ever, EVER, died cause of smokeing weed ^.^
    and for those who have heard that someone have died of it, its a lie or a
    scare commecial you have seen 🙂
    Peace out :p
    Smoke weed everyday! :DD

  12. tear from the clouds says:

    a classic Sway interview! including some a list celebs…a list smokers as

  13. jgast1d says:

    Oh man do I remember that Mexican red hair

  14. hi pookies pookies says:

    Morrocan Hash is the best

  15. Dan Chris says:

    my dream is to chill with these three, high or sober (hopefully high ^-^)

  16. fakinpwned says:

    Mines the best.

  17. Gene Armendariz says:

    YAY AREA!!! We smoke the best yee

  18. Dane Grosvenor says:

    aww yea Snoop Dogg reppin that Bay Kush I’m growin up on

  19. Dinpuia LoCo says:

    WE smoke that shit that make u hadeace no buds and all here and we roll it
    with common paper and you won`t know it saw weed

  20. Ed Cook says:

    On the ‘Up In Smoke’ dvd cheech says they were just acting..I guess they
    were until they got to the dressing trailer

  21. David Taylor says:

    I’m high just watching this lol

  22. Pretty-N-Pink says:

    I’ve used the front blank page in the Bible as well. Also felt guilty about
    that. Please forgive me!

  23. Crapweeds says:

    I once smoked mouldy hash. It blew my mind.

  24. zindi1138 says:

    bag of dirt..lmao

  25. VideosOfAmerica says:

    Ya fuckin breathe da shit not drag dat shit ya be like, phukkin spacecased
    out yo.