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25 Responses

  1. Jo Edwards says:

    I bet they stopped by Dennys on the way back to the station. lol´╗┐

  2. marleyman0 says:

    aw man thats just beautiful man lol

  3. neoliberalsoicalist says:

    for real

  4. chris lopez says:

    hes gonna start smokin right away hahahah lol!!!!!

  5. stevostevie says:

    @cquesada22 What I meant was if you go to the grocery store and bought
    oranges then they would be taxed, but you could still grow your own and it
    would be untaxed. So weed would be the same way.

  6. ANTIDROP12 says:

    ha ha sweet

  7. Gabriel Lepoutre says:

    @stevostevie If your really comparing weed to oranges… then you don’t
    need to be arguing.

  8. Arnold Monroy says:

    addicted ever since.

  9. callumthoms says:


  10. darksabath94 says:

    HAHA Love the little laughing fit he has at the end!

  11. paranoidentity says:

    dude this firefighter ftw xD hahahaha YES!

  12. blipoo98 says:

    HAHAHAAA!!! Class

  13. itcheewoohoo says:

    looks like satire to me -_-… no one gets blown and says something that
    stupid unless they’re faking it.

  14. Edison Trent says:

    @a1rh3add Well that’s true and it doesn’t argue with what I said at all.
    It’s just an additional point to what I’m saying. Yea it’s illegal due to
    ignorance of the truth, and if you don’t beleive lies and propaganda were
    spread to assist the prohibition agenda then your are just part of the
    ignorance. Look at films like Reefer Madness, that were made up of %100
    lies about marijuana just so the citizens would be frightened into
    supporting the ban of it.

  15. SmashlieTV says:

    It’s fake people. Come on. Ur so stoned u can’t figure that out? Stupid

  16. misterbones13 says:

    This is the MOST CLASSIC short clip for stoners EVER!!!

  17. crippinmexican says:

    @guitarobsessed85 Where do you live?

  18. Sebastian Space says:


  19. gtaatmiami says:

    ya but u know its fake right…it was a jimmy kimmel skit

  20. Markitos203 says:

    if he wasn’t a smoker now he is.

  21. mryoucantseeme100 says:

    i wonder if he changed his mind on weed HAHAHAHA LEGALIZE IT

  22. Tanner199620 says:

    Wow man that’s some crazy shit!! Man I am hella baked

  23. ArmyOfTheFaIIen says:

    “These Snozberries taste like Snozberries…”

  24. 15YearOldStoner says:

    haha he was fucking lit

  25. 817juice says:

    @Ometopada lmmfao….