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25 Responses

  1. Frank332666 says:


  2. xanos4225 says:

    @democratusnostradams Yeah man, he’s such a loser. A loser that can afford
    his own house, money to travel around Colorado and other places, run his
    own website, and be able to do this without working as a slave to some
    douchebag corporation that keeps all the profits off his hard work. All the
    while puffin’ on some of the finest herb in the world. Yeah, you’re right
    he’s such a burnout loser….. Eat a whole sack of dicks.

  3. dubsteppa420 says:

    hey paul, I’m harvesting my CFL grown plants this friday, would I be able
    to make it a video response to one of your vids?

  4. TheDgreezyFan says:

    @timfbmx ughhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. purpl3ra1n says:

    @NoMidsForMe detroit michigan.

  6. roblinux2 says:

    Tokin=reason to go to youtube right now

  7. SHIN BET says:

    @democratusnostradams you are the only burnout here

  8. harobmx123 says:

    lol@ virtual hits

  9. TheDgreezyFan says:

    i took 4 virtual hits((:!

  10. coldoustiderightnowtho says:

    @StylistRhymist LOL

  11. TimeWillTell96 says:

    haha great comparison to starbucks 😛

  12. videochamp23 says:

    @purpl3ra1n were do u live at? i never heard of 20$ blunt is it some dro?

  13. soulleskill says:

    @TheTy420man fuck u pauls awsome damn nig, now say your sorry!

  14. i24ng3p0wnt says:

    I just love when you say something you truly mean and you’re still holding
    your hit in. ” *cough* *holding cough, cough* Spectacular! ”

  15. immadog904 says:

    i belive that pot will save america again and fucked up right now so fuck
    tha spelling bitches but it happened b4 in the colony times ppl say they
    grow tobbaco but fuck that if u cud choose betwwen the 2 both legally
    fucking tobbaco wud be out of business 2day or atleast just barley clinging
    2 life keep smoking tokin and check out my only vid and comment plz or
    atleast say u like or dislike it th ank u and from florida peace out my

  16. thetoneranger1 says:

    @AkumaPB god its been like 4 months I’m on piss test shut the hell up

  17. Varg Vikernes says:

    Hey Paul, you should do a video where you say ‘Today.. I’m not going to
    smoke weed, i’m going to take a tolerance break, so I could get pussy lungs
    again so I could get faded again like them old newb times’ — You realize
    that stopping for at least 2 weeks then continuing to blaze.. you’ll feel
    so refreshed and new! Great feeling. I’m on my 1st tolerance break
    nevertheless! hehe.

  18. jonathon1018 says:

    @texaschizophrenic i dont think it would END unemployment, or the
    recession… But it will help, and i agree, its absolutely retarded not to
    legalize marijuana when it can help in the slightest bit. its safer than
    half the fucking sugary drinks you can buy at food lion. Over all, i’d say
    drinking a bottle of mountain dew a day is more detrimental to your health
    than smoking pot every day.

  19. okinawaskate says:

    @Wrath6909 thats soo true and when you do take a break and then start, the
    first session, you get soo fucked up ! ive been on a tolerance break for
    about 9 months now ( i moved to japan) but when i come back to cali!@#!@# o
    shit !@#!# im gonna get soo high hahah

  20. DmanHeadshot says:

    @TheDgreezyFan Thats it?

  21. Sean8033 says:

    I think everyone that served our country should be able to “BURN OUT”

  22. brynjar karl says:

    @AkumaPB not even so long

  23. Insane82chevy says:

    our economy is based off marijuana sales. if marijuana dissapered we would
    fall into a depression literally and figuatively. thumbs up if you agree

  24. DonVares says:

    new topic for another video…NEW WORLD ORDER

  25. Varg Vikernes says:

    @aaronwingard – dude what are you trying to say?