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  1. Jordan D says:


  2. specialtyler says:

    @AFAskygoddess I think psychedelics can be damaging if they’re abused or
    taken with a lack of respect or positive intent, but I personally find them
    to be one of the most beautiful and eye-open influences available on Earth
    today. I think the “holes in your aura” talk is mostly malarkey, and my
    body and mind tell me that these substances(mostly fungus, for me) are a
    healthy thing for me. I don’t think one needs them to “achieve a state of
    knowing”, but I also think that to get anywhere on the..

  3. feztizieo says:

    @AFAskygoddess One of the ultimate humbling realizations of my life thus
    far is that I am not the one that plays the guitar, it plays me. I don’t
    care for that Dan Wlnters opinion, that it puts holes in ones aura? How can
    anyone SAY such a thing? like you know what you’re talking about. anyway…
    another humbling thing, is that the realization that I CANT reach..

  4. frooshante says:

    “and [what] do you find you are?”

  5. AFAskygoddess says:

    @feztizieo ….”ultimate humbling realizations of my life”? You don’t sound
    humble to me. You sound judgemental, But we can both agree that neither of
    us feel like the other one knows what the other is (your words) “talking
    about anyway”.

  6. 1SeaRYs4 says:

    terence is not the only man who saw that vijin

  7. feztizieo says:

    @AFAskygoddess any kind of “divine” state of being without… lets say some
    mary jane, a dry lil mushroom, a teeny tiny drop of liquid, you name it. I
    also cant do it without the mountains or the oceans. Not everyone needs
    psychedelics, but really it depends how you grow up. Mah gawd, the rocky
    mountains were so wonderful todayy. … im planning on being a hobo soon! 🙂

  8. specialtyler says:

    @AFAskygoddess…pursuit of knowledge or transformation, you’re going to
    have to rely on a vast array of influences and connections, each of which
    will only give back an equivalent of what you have put into them.

  9. Zhian Mostofi says:

    and who do you find you are?

  10. AFAskygoddess says:

    Although I do agree with most of Terrence McKenna’s thoughts, I am not
    comfortable with his recurring message that one needs hallucinogens (ex,
    iowaska) to achieve a state of knowing. I think that Dan WInter’s opinion
    (at goldenmean ( dot ) info) about these hallucinogens should be heeded. He
    warns that their use literally puts holes in your aura, which is
    measurable. We are capable of so much more that we have been lead to
    believe WITHOUT “help” from ingesting or smoking any substance.

  11. frooshante says:

    the church IS bullshit .. Jesus was an instance of true human realization,
    or so i’d like to imagine. i mean, let’s say we know, for a fact, that
    jesus was a fabulous fraud.. who would you rather think about: a man who
    was a real badass or a misleading phony? like Bill Hicks said “It’s only a
    choice… right now, between fear and love.” and “Love is all you need”
    said Mr. Lennon.

  12. Vince Sansano says:

    I’m going to change the world. The best thing is I’ve already started.

  13. ColtraneTaylor says:

    @AFAskygoddess I thought it was silly his saying that UFO’s are our
    sub-conscious playing tricks on us. He sounds obsessed with drugs.
    Discernment comes primarily through spirit.

  14. Daniel Díaz says:


  15. kaiagavin says:

    but jusbs was bullshit

  16. Austin Deeter says:

    Terence Mckenna is reincarnated jesus!