Walmart snake bites medical marijuana shopper

SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: Walmart shopper Mica Craig got the shock of his life when he was bitten by a rattlesnake. Craig was shopping in the garden section when the snake sank its fangs into his hand. Facebook: Webpage: Twitter @nmatv: Tumblr: Initially, the Idaho native thought he was brushing away a stick that had fallen across his legs. He soon found this was not the case. Craig shook the snake lose and stomped it to death before falling to the ground in pain. Craig was shopping at the Walmart to get soil for his marijuana plants, Reuters reports. Don’t worry, he needs them for “medical reasons,” so he has he has a license. Craig was taken to the hospital by fellow shopper Maria Geffre, who was shopping for the same reason as Craig. His hand swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe before Craig was treated with six bags of antivenom. Craig is in danger of having permanent damage to his hand and may lose sensation in a few fingers.
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History of 420 - Animation

In honor of our 420th issue HIGH TIMES explores history of 420 with an animated video by Evan York.

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50 Responses

  1. PsychonauticBeatz says:

    what am I watching

  2. 22smokealot says:

    Wtf is going on with the chinks

  3. Sanifoxers says:

    Its funny because i work at this walmart.

  4. Furby1369 says:

    it depends on where the walmart is located if your going to see snakes there. this is not an normal event in any case. word to the wise if the snake your looking at has a more pointed nose than a rounded one back away it has venom.

  5. ElementalTime says:

    I was at the walmart that happened in when it happened hahah

  6. Raul Špilev says:

    wtf did I just watch ?

  7. MarijuanaSoldiers says:

    this had almost zero to do with pot… just sayin thats why i came here…

  8. superimperial007 says:

    I hate walmart even more now

  9. MarinaSilvaism says:

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  10. Neags510 says:

    Walmart should hire Samuel L. Jackson to keep snakes out of their stores

  11. herbgardner420 says:

    Most Wal-Mart garden centers keep their mulch outdoors, so it wouldn’t be that shocking to find a snake hanging out around there, seeing as it holds heat

  12. herbgardner420 says:

    Ummm, last I checked, rattlesnakes are American snakes…

  13. jessejmanuel4 says:

    omg lol notice the guys’s shopping cart lol. nice touch. also i’d expect this to happen at walmart.

  14. indoswissdude says:

    the pregnant lady is smoking

  15. ScuubaSteefe says:

    0:06 Thongies LOL

  16. yuukisama2001 says:

    WTF Walmart sells snakes?

  17. SmoothCriminalAaron says:

    yeah, America is infested with Wal Marts

  18. outsider30303 says:


  19. sl1cktofu says:


  20. ZabHazard says:

    I heard at Consumerist that stuff like scorpions can sneak their way onto the shipping containers and not get noticed until a consumer gets attacked at the market and Wal-Mart isn’t alone in it. It’s one of those things that just happens.

  21. anoldcrow says:

    that snakes probably the least poisonous thing china’s export to an american walmart

  22. Tristan Ménard says:

    Lol marijuana addictivity is only caused by the psychological effects. THC isn’t addictive in any ways by itself, contrary to nicotin.

  23. eddie gonzalez says:


  24. pinata132745 says:

    like that’s gonna happen lol close few days they probably gonna tell you they will lost 1 million or 2!! lol

  25. pinata132745 says:

    the new ending is really fucked beside panda!! panda it’s always cool lol

  26. LordEyli says:

    *tweeked :)

  27. MaladaptiveCatalyst says:

    Happy 2:17AM Everyone!! BURNT.

  28. Pureskillzor says:

    Hitler was born on April 20th.

  29. guitarholio says:

    Good video. Short and to the point. Funny and informative. I give this video a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

  30. Spike lee says:

    I think I get it now. Happy 420, I guess.


  31. MsDiaVolinaBathory says:


  32. CJPapan says:

    “The waldos” i praise you. Thank you for this amazing holiday. Happy 420 everyone!

  33. Rodolfo Céspedes says:

    Enjoy From Costa Rica

  34. Tommy Ognenovski says:

    happy 420 from Australia

  35. FreeHempNow says:

    419 and holding

  36. dwiniz says:

    happy 420 from indonesia #puffpuffpass

  37. jslewalite says:

    “tweaked out on heroin” what? how high are you?

  38. pee wee says:

    lol you smack head. Thats the myth. This is the truth.

  39. Mega3P1Kness says:

    “Today is 420”
    “Oh shit, light it up!!!”

  40. xJinxedxvDTSv says:

    guy looks tweaked out on heroin

  41. laredoturtle says:

    My birthday is on 4/20

  42. elphonseful says:


  43. Stragulia says:

    What does Hitler’s birthday have to do with anything?

  44. joevig2 says:

    It was because of Hitlers Birthday being 4/20 and then the police code…the waldos didn’t start it they stole it!

  45. Revstoningpot says:

    Happy 420

  46. N0ZER says:

    looks creepy! but good information to know 🙂

  47. Kerstin LaCross says:

    What a terrible fucking animation. But happy 4:20 regardless.

  48. András Hámori says:

    Happy 4:20 everyone!!!

  49. GrantRules174 says:

    Just Goes to show- all great things come from nor-Cal

  50. tthhee00 says:

    holy shit thats my school haha