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25 Responses

  1. Autumn Rain says:

    I thought I was watching a Vice video for 20 minutes. lol I kept wondering
    who this guy was. Didn’t recognize him.

  2. Munchies says:

    In our first episode, host Matt Zimbric heads to a secret Californian
    medical marijuana garden run by Nonna Marijuana, a 91-year-old grandmother
    who cooks classic Italian with a twist.

  3. James Crow says:

    I want my own adorable Italian weed granny, where can I get one?

  4. nate jackson says:

    I wish she was my dealer smoke and eat with granny

  5. Kimberly Crawley says:

    Nonna Marijuana is awesome.

    #marijuana #weed

  6. Epok Alypse says:

    He should have mashed that old lady out of principle and respect.

  7. Dave says:

    I wish she was my Grandma. She could cook me weed infused meals all the
    time. That dude was so high at the end lol.

  8. The Weeping Willow says:

    Right On Granny!!! I utterly believe Grass expands your lifetime

  9. RYan MilleR says:

    16:58 that laugh tho

  10. 420 Skate it says:

    Haha, anyone else who searched “weed” just because you’re bored?

  11. Argos Morse says:

    wtf why is going to the hospital the worst things you could do? They dont
    give a fuck if you smoke.

  12. Raphael Karger says:

    california; the only smart state.

  13. kito mad says:

    this is exactly why weed is illegal… it would put soooo many big
    businesses out… i hate the greed of selfish people

  14. Lasse Holmgaard Jørgensen says:

    Awesome episode, it really gave me some faith in humanity and put me in the
    best of moods – I’ll definitely be following your show.
    One thing I didn’t understand though; did Nonna not eat any of the food? Or
    had she prepared something non-cannabis infused for herself?

  15. itsazy says:

    12:51 0.25 speed… the chicken moves towards the tongs what the fuck???
    this bitch is yoda

  16. HighEyesCo says:

    #Weed Grandma Shows Us How to #420 Braise It #cannabis

  17. UKGG Daniel co founder 420 says:

    Weed Grandma Shows Us How to 420 Braise It:

  18. Tony tran says:

    Im eating mcdonalds while drinking beer and smoking a blunt tripping out
    that shes 91.

  19. Canna Helper says:

    Awesome Granny~~~

  20. Amory Green says:

    Weed Grandma Shows Us How to 420 Braise It:

  21. Luciano Di Pietro says:

    Una pianta medicinale, secondo l’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità
    (OMS), è un organismo vegetale che contiene in uno dei suoi organi sostanze
    che possono essere utilizzate a fini terapeutici o che sono i precursori di
    emisintesi di specie farmaceutiche.
    Si va sempre più affermando il concetto di fitocomplesso, quale insieme di
    sostanze di origine vegetale non riproducibili per sintesi chimica.
    Il fitocomplesso va inteso come l’insieme di una quantità di principi
    attivi, noti e non, farmacologicamente attivi, e di sostanze che aiutano
    l’azione dei primi, pur essendo di per sé queste ultime farmacologicamente
    inattive. L’insieme delle interazioni dei primi (i principi attivi) e dei
    secondi (i coadiuvanti) determina le azioni note del fitocomplesso.
    Sempre secondo l’OMS circa il 25% dei moderni farmaci usati in USA sono di
    origine vegetale; inoltre sono 7.000 circa i composti medici, presenti
    nella moderna farmacopea, derivati da piante.
    Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.

    Poi c’è chi la usa in un modo e chi in un’altro……….

  22. John DelBasso says:

    Drug users are just pathetic. As a redditor and gentlesir of superior
    intellect I don’t need drugs to get that euphoric feeling. An
    intellectually stimulating discussion about Atheism and My Little Pony is
    my narcotic of choice. I’m also an expert meme maker, if you would prefer
    to get high on that.

    -Gilded redditor, stage 3 atheist, 148 IQ

  23. Brucho Sindicate says:

    Since like… the whole world already knows that weed is good, why not just
    legalize it already?

  24. ZeldieomgXD says:

    Nonna Marijuana,
    Be in my house…and just cook for me.